Meeting with MIE Events CEO David Wang on ‘Made in Angie’ Exhibition at Expo Centre Sharjah

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In an exclusive meeting with Mr. David Wang, the CEO of MIE Events, Expo Centre Sharjah shared its plans for hosting the upcoming ‘Made in Angie’ exhibition. This special event, dedicated to the furniture and furnishings sector, is all set to take place from December 11 to 13, 2023. During this important gathering, Expo Centre Sharjah discussed its efforts to ensure the success and impact of the events and exhibitions it organizes.

Key Points:

  • The Event: ‘Made in Angie’ is a unique exhibition that focuses on the furniture and furnishings industry. It’s a great opportunity for businesses in this sector to showcase their products and innovations.
  • Dates: The exhibition is scheduled to run from December 11 to December 13, 2023.
  • Guest of Honor: Mr. David Wang, CEO of MIE Events, attended the meeting to collaborate on making the exhibition a success.
  • Enhancing Impact: Expo Centre Sharjah is committed to improving the impact and effectiveness of the events and exhibitions it hosts. This dedication shows their determination to provide an excellent experience for exhibitors and attendees.
  • Future Success: Expo Centre Sharjah is eager to make ‘Made in Angie’ a significant success and a memorable event for all involved.

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