India will start offering limited visa services in Canada beginning on Thursday

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India has announced the partial reinstatement of visa services to Canadian citizens, which were previously suspended due to a diplomatic crisis between the two countries. Starting on October 26, 2023, the Indian high commission in Ottawa and consulates in Vancouver and Toronto will resume services for entry, business, medical, and conference visas. This decision comes after a review of the security situation and recent Canadian measures. Further decisions on visa services will be based on ongoing evaluations of the situation.

The visa services were suspended on September 21, with India citing alleged security threats against diplomatic staff. This suspension followed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations that Indian agents were linked to the killing of a Canadian Sikh in Vancouver in June, which escalated tensions. The resumption of visa services is seen as a positive step, especially for Canadian citizens of Indian origin who were affected by the suspension.

The announcement comes shortly after Canada withdrew 41 diplomats from India and halted in-person facilities at three consulates, impacting visa processing times for Indian applicants. A backlog of applications is expected in 2024, with reduced processing capacity. The diplomatic dispute between India and Canada also drew support from the US, the UK, and New Zealand, with concerns about diplomatic relations and obligations under international agreements. The dispute centers on allegations, threats to diplomatic immunity, and accusations of interference in internal affairs. India has expressed its willingness to examine information related to the killing that Canada has shared.

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