Erdogan’s Remark Prompts Israel’s Diplomatic Recall

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Erdogan’s Remark Prompts Israel’s Diplomatic Recall

Israel has decided to recall its diplomatic staff from Turkey following a strong rebuke from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over Israel’s military operation against Hamas in Gaza. This decision is a setback for both countries’ efforts to rebuild relations after a decade of strained ties. Just last year, they had agreed to reappoint ambassadors and were discussing a US-backed natural gas pipeline project.

Erdogan’s criticism of Israel’s military action in Gaza has intensified, with him accusing the Israeli government of acting like “war criminals” and trying to “eliminate” Palestinians. Israel’s move to bring back its diplomats from Turkey came right after Erdogan’s latest remarks.

The situation in Gaza has been dire, with a surprise attack by Hamas militants resulting in casualties and hostages. The Hamas-controlled health ministry in Gaza has reported a high number of civilian casualties. Erdogan, known for his support of Palestinian rights, has become increasingly vocal in condemning Israel’s actions.

He has criticized Western powers, calling Israel “a pawn in the region” and blaming the West for the Gaza massacre. Erdogan also accused Israel’s allies of creating a “crusade war atmosphere” between Christians and Muslims. He called for dialogue and a just peace.

Erdogan’s statements come in response to pro-Palestinian protests in Turkey and are in line with his long-standing advocacy for Palestinian rights. However, a recent poll in Turkey indicates that a majority of respondents prefer Turkey to remain neutral or play a mediating role in the conflict rather than supporting Hamas directly.

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