The Toyota FT-3e Concept previews the next-generation bZ4X

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Toyota’s first dedicated electric vehicle, the bZ4X crossover, faced initial challenges and low sales. However, Toyota is actively working on improving its electric vehicles and recently revealed the FT-3e concept at the Tokyo auto show, offering a glimpse into a potential successor to the bZ4X.

The FT-3e is described as a “next-generation” electric vehicle featuring “personalized services powered by innovative technologies.” Notable features include digital displays on the sides of the vehicle that run along the doors and show information such as battery charge levels, onboard temperature, and interior air quality as the driver approaches.

The concept shares similarities in overall proportions with the bZ4X, featuring a compact stance and wheels positioned at the corners of the vehicle. The design is characterized by sharp lines, thin light bars across the front and rear, and a sleek front end. The rear roofline slopes dramatically and incorporates a two-piece rear spoiler, reminiscent of the bZ4X.

Inside the FT-3e, the interior design is characterized by clean, straight lines. It includes a central touchscreen, a digital instrument panel, and iPhone-like screens on either side of the steering wheel. There are also displays on the dashboard edges that may replace traditional sideview mirrors. Physical controls appear to be minimal, creating a modern and airy interior with a mix of interesting materials and textures.

While specific details about the FT-3e are limited, it is likely that this concept provides a preview of Toyota’s design direction for future electric vehicles. Toyota aims to introduce new electric vehicles equipped with solid-state batteries, promising improved range and charging times, before the end of the decade. Features like exterior displays and the interior screen layout showcased in the FT-3e could potentially make their way into production vehicles.

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