Saudi designer Honayda Serafi describes her journey as an emotional rollercoaster

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Saudi designer Honayda Serafi recently launched her collection titled “Cosmos” at Riyadh Fashion Week. This collection was inspired by Rayyanah Barnawi, the first Saudi female astronaut, and celebrates the women who paved the way for her. Serafi’s designs drew inspiration from the horizon, moon, and stars, featuring a color palette of purple, blue, and silver.

Honayda Serafi’s label, Honayda, has gained significant recognition and success since its inception in 2017. The brand was the first Saudi label to be sold at London’s prestigious department store Harrods, and it has been worn by various international celebrities. Serafi’s designs also caught the attention of Princess Rajwa, for whom she created a pre-wedding henna night dress.

Serafi’s journey into the world of fashion began during her formative years, and she had a passion for fashion magazines and the red carpet. Her desire to become a designer led her to start her own label, Honayda. Despite facing challenges, she was determined to establish her brand and succeeded using her own savings.

As a self-taught designer and entrepreneur, Serafi is actively involved in mentoring emerging talent in Saudi Arabia, supporting the younger generation of designers. She takes pride in contributing to the development of the fashion industry in the Kingdom.

Serafi’s brand has gained recognition not only in the Arab world but also internationally, with a wide celebrity fan base. Her decision to showcase her collection at Riyadh Fashion Week, in collaboration with the Fashion Commission and the Ministry of Culture, reflects her commitment to the local fashion industry and the efforts to promote it on the global stage.

Riyadh Fashion Week and the initiatives of the Fashion Commission represent a significant step in elevating the fashion industry in Saudi Arabia and providing a platform for local designers to shine and grow.

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