Jordan’s Investment Minister underscores the significance of Qatari investments

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Jordan’s Minister of Investment, Kholoud Al Saqqaf, emphasized the importance of substantial Qatari investments in Jordan, particularly in the banking and energy sectors. She revealed ongoing collaborative efforts with Qatari authorities to explore opportunities for increasing Qatari investments in Jordan, while identifying incentives for Qatari entrepreneurs.
Minister Al Saqqaf highlighted the alignment of the Ministry of Investment with Jordan’s economic modernization vision, launched in July 2022, aimed at attracting more investments to the country. Qatar has emerged as a prominent investor in Jordan, with investments exceeding $4.5 billion across various sectors, including real estate, hotels, tourism services, banking, health, energy, and more.
Qatari investments in Jordan’s energy sector, notably the Amman East Power Plant and the “Shams Ma’an Solar Power Plant” by Nebras Power, have notably expanded in recent years. These investments reflect the strengthening economic ties and aspirations for cooperation between the two nations.
Minister Al Saqqaf emphasized the Ministry’s dedication to creating an attractive investment environment in Jordan, citing initiatives such as the legislative framework for investment laws and regulations, the investment promotion strategy, and the “Invest in Jordan” platform. The platform provides essential information for investors, including investment-related legislation, free trade agreements, and investment opportunities worth 1 billion Jordanian dinars in priority sectors. These efforts align with Jordan’s plans to achieve economic growth and create job opportunities for its citizens.

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