Bahrain Issues Statement on Israel Ties; Suspends Flights for Several Weeks

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Bahrain Issues Statement on Israel Ties; Suspends Flights for Several Weeks because of GAZA

Bahrain has announced that its ambassador to Israel has returned to Bahrain, and the Israeli ambassador in Manama left Bahrain some time ago. This move comes in response to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has caused significant civilian casualties and raised concerns about Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

The government’s statement did not mention cutting economic ties, as the parliament previously suggested, but it did confirm that flights between the two countries have been suspended for several weeks. It’s not clear if the Israeli ambassador was expelled.

Israel has stated that it hasn’t received any official notification from Bahrain and maintains that its relations with Bahrain are stable.

This development could be a setback for Israel, as Bahrain is a signatory of the Abraham Accords, a series of agreements that normalized relations between Israel and several Arab countries. These agreements were brokered by the United States and were seen as a significant step toward Middle East peace. However, the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has complicated the situation, potentially affecting Israel’s hopes for further normalization, particularly with Saudi Arabia.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas began when Hamas militants breached the border on October 7. Israel has reported killing around 1,400 people, mostly civilians, and taking more than 200 hostages. In response, Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza, causing significant casualties, with at least 9,601 people killed, including 3,760 children, according to Gaza health authorities.

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