UAE Issues Warning to Citizens in the Netherlands

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UAE Issues Warning to Citizens in the Netherlands

The UAE Embassy in The Hague issued a warning to Emiratis in the Netherlands as Storm Ciaran impacted western Europe, including the Netherlands. The mission advised UAE nationals to exercise caution and follow safety instructions.

Dutch airline KLM cancelled all flights leaving and arriving in the Netherlands for the day due to high sustained wind speeds and powerful gusts.

Emiratis in the Netherlands can contact the embassy in case of an emergency through the hotlines 0097180024 or 0097180044444 or use the ‘My Tawa Jodi’ service.

The storm brought strong winds and rain, resulting in power outages for over a million homes in France and school closures in southern England. It was described as a once-in-every-few-years or even once-in-a-generation storm by meteorologists.

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