British designer Patrick McDowell joins forces with the Rambert Company in a springtime dance collaboration.

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“BREATHE TOGETHER: Designer Patrick McDowell is teaming up with Rambert, Britain’s oldest dance company, for his Spring 2024 runway show on Monday, where dancers will grace the catwalk.

McDowell’s collection draws inspiration from Rambert’s historical archives, particularly the company’s inaugural performance, “A Tragedy of Fashion,” staged in 1926, which narrates the tale of a renowned dressmaker who met a tragic end with his shears.

McDowell has curated vintage ensembles and fabrics sourced from Rambert’s costume department, reimagining them for the upcoming show.

Following the event, the designer will collaborate with Future Movement, Rambert’s outreach program, which conducts a 20-week initiative centered around circular design and sustainable stage costumes. Front-row seats at Monday’s show will be reserved for Future Movement students.”

Collaborating with Rambert has fulfilled a long-standing dream for McDowell.

“As far back as I can remember, the art of dance has been a profound source of inspiration for me. It harmonizes numerous creative elements to craft a truly breathtaking performance,” he enthused.

He also admired Rambert’s ability to unite and “breathe together” as a cohesive entity, noting his delight in getting to know the company over the past few years. He found Rambert to be an organization with a rich history and an unwavering commitment to advancing into the future.

Benoit Swan Pouffer, Rambert’s artistic director, expressed his happiness in witnessing the fusion of “art, dance, and fashion” in the show. He emphasized his continual pursuit of innovative ways to propel various art forms forward, considering this collaboration a beautiful example of working together to celebrate Rambert’s past, present, and future.

McDowell established his brand in 2018, dedicated exclusively to recycled and sustainable materials. In his spring collection, denim pieces are crafted from deadstock Lee jeans, painstakingly unpicked and reconstructed in the designer’s studio. Over 170 pairs of jeans were transformed into unique pieces, with more than 100 hours of work invested.

In a commitment to sustainability, McDowell eschewed plastic in favor of Ecovative mushroom mycelium padding, a more environmentally friendly option in terms of energy and water consumption. Sustainable fabric printing techniques were employed, while vintage silk materials were contributed by the Italian mill Taroni and Rambert’s costume department.

Pinko, the Italian fashion brand, provided deadstock chiffon and silks, while Bananatex donated woven fabrics made exclusively from naturally grown, sustainable abacá banana plants.

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