Bea Pernia: Creating Timeless and Modern Interiors at BEA Interiors Design

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In 2012, Bea Pernia established BEA Interiors Design, a design firm that reflects her diverse background and global experiences. Bea is renowned for her ability to create spaces that not only captivate the eye but also resonate with the soul, all while meeting the long-term needs of her clients.

With her artistic sensibility, Bea consistently crafts unique and harmonious aesthetics, driven by her passion for interior and product design. Each project, in her view, represents a distinct opportunity to explore a wide array of elements such as fabrics, leather textures, contrasts, shapes, and materials, all in pursuit of bringing her client’s vision to life. Bea frequently pushes the boundaries by experimenting with natural materials.

The end result of her work is a fusion of organic elements with timeless elegance, producing a look that is simultaneously fresh and modern. Since 2012, Bea has been the creative force behind the conceptualization and furnishing of multimillion-dollar homes, boutique hotels, and various commercial and hospitality concepts, including restaurants in Miami, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Furthermore, Bea has a history of successful high-end design collaborations with renowned artists and architects, adding a unique dimension to her impressive body of work.

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