UAE University Introduces Inflatable Farm for Sustainable Agriculture

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A pioneering project at a university integrates various technologies, including the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, along with over 15 cutting-edge solutions, to establish a sustainable environment for food security and agriculture.

Advanced smart farming solutions implemented through this project increase crop yields by up to 30% and reduce labor costs by up to 80%. Moreover, these solutions decrease the need for resources like water and fertilizer, thereby enhancing sustainability in agriculture.

The project is the result of a collaboration between the university, Midbar, a South Korean smart agri-tech company, and RBK Company, the holding company of Rashed Bin Khalfan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri. This collaboration is aimed at delivering supply and research and development solutions across various sectors, including agriculture, IoT, AI, health, and water desalination in the UAE.

The university’s leadership and partners were able to explore the project, named Airfarm, during its inauguration. The project is designed to provide practical learning opportunities for students and faculty, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, encourage innovation, and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions in agriculture. This aligns with the UAE’s green agenda.

Professor Ghassan Aouad, the university chancellor, expressed the institution’s commitment to fostering innovation and critical thinking, empowering students to shape a more sustainable future. The project aims to equip students and the UAE community with the tools and resources to overcome challenges and encourage innovative thinking.

The event was attended by prominent figures, including Professor Aouad, Saeed Bin Rashed Khalfan Al Dhaheri, Vice-Chairman at RBK, and Moses Seo, CEO of Midbar, along with representatives from various organizations and companies, reflecting a collective commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture and technological innovation.

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