1st Saudi Producer Faisal Baltyuor’s great Impact on the Film Industry

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Saudi Producer Faisal Baltyuor’s Impact on the Film Industry

Saudi Arabia : Faisal Baltyuor, a key figure in the development of the Saudi film industry, has been instrumental in advancing the industry since Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on movie theatres in 2018. Baltyuor has held several roles, including running the first Saudi cinema in Ithra, serving as the CEO of the Saudi Film Council (now the Saudi Film Commission), and now pursuing a private sector path to address gaps in the industry. He currently serves as the CEO of Muvi Studios, the founder and CEO of Cine Waves Films (a Saudi film distributor), founder of Cine House (the first dedicated arthouse cinema in Riyadh), and as a board member of Manga Productions, focusing on animation, video games, and comics.

1st Baltyuor’s goal is to nurture the Saudi film industry and create an industry as rich and diverse as Saudi culture, supporting Saudi and regional films and opening new opportunities for underserved voices in the region.

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