Palestine envoy to UNSC: Killing Palestinians won’t enhance Israel’s security

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The UN met to talk about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Some countries wanted to pass a resolution for a ceasefire and to condemn an attack by Hamas, but the US disagreed because the resolution didn’t mention Israel’s right to defend itself. This disagreement comes at a time when there’s been a big increase in fighting.

One of the recent events that sparked controversy was an attack on a hospital in Gaza, which killed many people. Israel says it was the work of the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad, but Palestinians and others accuse Israel.

The UN meeting got heated, with some nations demanding immediate action for a ceasefire and condemning Israel’s actions, while others argued that Hamas, the group running Gaza, was also committing terror attacks.

In the end, the UN couldn’t agree on a joint statement. The conflict continues, and many people are suffering.

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