More than 350 inspections at school canteens were carried out by Dubai Municipality to confirm and guarantee the safety of the food provided.

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More than 350 on-site inspections at the canteens of both public and private educational institutions in Dubai were recently carried out by Dubai Municipality. The purpose of these inspections is to confirm that the canteens conform to all relevant safety precautions and health laws as well as the Emirate’s established criteria for food safety.

This program fits in with Dubai Municipality’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of food safety in educational facilities, improving the health, safety, and general standard of living for kids.The regular inspection campaigns run at school canteens are intended to ensure adherence to food safety guidelines and the ideal storage of food. The Municipality also ensures that vegetables and fruits are well cleaned before they are made available, as well as the proper preparation and storage of food at suggested temperatures.

These inspections also pay close attention to the canteens’ adherence to health regulations and the promotion of immaculate public and personal cleanliness standards inside educational institutions.

As part of these initiatives, Dubai Municipality issues licenses to food providers, certifies that schools adhere to food safety regulations, and approves the sale of food products that have been approved, ensuring that kids have access to wholesome meals. In order to guarantee the best possible public health and food safety for students, the campaign also aims to ensure that staff members are knowledgeable about safety and hygiene standards.

The Dubai Municipality has expanded its inspections to cover more than 500 educational and commercial businesses throughout Dubai as part of its yearly “Our schools are healthy and safe” effort, with an emphasis on school supplies sales.

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