LAU’s Online MBA: NY Business Immersion Week

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The Lebanese American University (LAU) has taken the lead in online education in the Middle East, building on its strong tradition of innovation. LAU’s commitment to staying at the forefront of education is evident in its new MS in Applied AI program and its existing MS programs in Computer Science and International Construction Management. The university also offers sought-after skills through its popular online MBA programs in Global Business Administration, Business Analytics, and Healthcare Management.

While LAU’s online MBA programs equip students with essential skills and knowledge, the value of real-world experience cannot be overstated. That’s why LAU recently introduced the New York Business Immersion Week, providing online MBA students with a unique opportunity to engage with business leaders, gain insights into emerging trends, and explore the vibrant business landscape of New York City. This groundbreaking initiative, known as ‘New York Immersion Week,’ brought MBA students to the heart of New York City for five remarkable days, filled with meetings with esteemed business leaders and faculty, with the aim of helping students forge connections and become the pioneering leaders of the business world in the future.

The inaugural cohort of students came from four different countries, reflecting LAU’s diverse student body. Over five days, they immersed themselves in learning from experts across various industries. On the first day, they visited publishing leader Wiley in New Jersey, where they engaged in thought-provoking discussions about AI’s impact on the future of publishing. As student Hussein Hassid pointed out, “The rise of digital publishing has disrupted the traditional publishing model. We learned that to remain competitive, publishers need to embrace digital technology and constantly find new ways to reach readers.”

The students also had the opportunity to gain insights into New York’s iconic Financial District and received valuable knowledge from their visit to the private equity firm INVUS. Here, they received a comprehensive overview of INVUS’s approach, analytics, and investments, providing them with a wealth of exclusive knowledge.

A highlight for many students was the visit to the headquarters of global fashion powerhouse Capelli. The company’s inspirational success story and insights into business culture left a lasting impression. Student Lara Al Arab remarked, “Gaining a behind-the-scenes look at Capelli’s unique business model and philosophies directly from the executives was a rare privilege.” She added, “We received eye-opening perspectives on everything from harnessing market trends and technological innovations to navigating regulatory environments and understanding customer preferences.” Capelli, with its 3,500 employees spread across the globe and various facilities, exemplifies a remarkable success story, having evolved from selling $1 items to achieving millions in total revenue. For student Hamad Hamad, Capelli’s journey represented the most inspiring success story imaginable, as he emphasized, “It was fascinating to learn how they started so humbly but had the vision and determination to grow into a global fashion powerhouse with sales in the millions.”

The week concluded with a seminar by renowned expert Dr. Fady Harfoush on analytics and business science. As a pioneer in the field, his insights on integrating AI and analytics shed light on new opportunities for efficiency and growth. Student Hamad Hamad, who aspires to a career in Fintech, noted, “A key takeaway was the importance of innovation and integrating AI and analytics to open up new possibilities.”

This immersive week went beyond academic benefits. It instilled confidence in the students, reinforcing the quality of LAU’s online MBA programs. As Al Arab affirmed, “I would absolutely recommend the online MBA.” The success of the Immersion Week ensures that it will become an annual event. With experiences like this, LAU continues to lead in online education, providing students with invaluable connections, insights, and opportunities.

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