Gaza hospitals busy during Israel-Hamas war

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The United Nations humanitarian office has issued a warning that Gaza’s hospitals are about to run out of fuel within a few hours. This situation is critical, as it hampers the ability of medical facilities to provide necessary care.

Reports of a ceasefire in southern Gaza have been denied by both Israel and Hamas, despite earlier suggestions from security sources in Egypt that such an agreement was imminent.

Rescue teams in Gaza have expressed concern that over 1,000 Palestinians may be missing under the rubble of buildings that were destroyed by Israeli air attacks. The scale of destruction and the resulting human toll are deeply alarming.

U.S. President Joe Biden has cautioned Israel against any occupation of Gaza, emphasizing that it would be a significant mistake. He has voiced support for the creation of a humanitarian corridor. It’s important to note that Gaza is already part of the occupied Palestinian territory, with Israel exerting control over the enclave and limiting the rights of its residents.

Israel has mobilized thousands of troops, tanks, and weaponry along the border fence with Gaza, raising expectations of a possible ground invasion in the near future. The situation in the region remains highly volatile and fraught with humanitarian and security concerns.

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