Farewell and Achievements at Kuwait Airways: Looking to the Future

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It was a great honor for me to lead the transformation of Kuwait Airways, making it provide excellent customer experiences. We were even ranked among the top 50 airlines globally and named “The Most Improved Airline” in 2023.

However, I have decided to resign and leave this wonderful team and our loyal customers after two years. I’m confident that the changes we made in systems and processes will continue to help the airline reach greater heights, as there are no limits to what it can achieve.

I also received the “Medal of Civil Merit” from the King of Spain this week, which adds to my excitement about our future sustainability and success.

I want to thank everyone who contributed, shared their valuable ideas, and challenged me during this journey. I’m very hopeful about what’s coming next.

I wish all the best to everyone, and remember to stay positive because the best is always yet to come.

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