Astra Tech’s BOTIM App: Chat-Based Access to Flights and Bonds

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Users can now book flights seamlessly through the BOTIM chat app, offering an alternative to traditional booking methods, according to Astra Tech’s CEO. The UAE-based technology firm partnered with Etihad Airways to enhance the booking service. BOTIM, a popular communication and messaging app in the Middle East, provides a platform for booking flights and exploring other sectors, such as travel, hospitality, government services, and bill payments. Astra Tech emphasizes the importance of aligning with regional regulations, ensuring user and data security while expanding its services to a broader user base.

The company’s CEO mentioned plans for expansion in the GCC and the acquisition of a banking license in the Philippines, with a strong focus on maintaining and expanding its services to its growing customer base. Astra Tech has reported impressive growth, with a nearly 300% month-on-month increase in the number and volume of transactions, amounting to over AED 1.3 billion in just four months, setting a new standard for fintech in the region.

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