Western feminism’s limitations in the Middle East

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In today’s digital age, X (formerly known as Twitter) is like a big public place where people share ideas. Some Western feminists on this platform have taken on leadership roles. They decide who they consider real feminists and what feminism means.

Since October 7, these feminists have been posting a lot about condemning the Hamas attack on Israel. However, they often don’t talk about the suffering of Palestinian women in Gaza after the attack. They might even justify Israel’s actions as self-defense.

The issue isn’t that they’re condemning violence against Israeli women but that they seem indifferent to or support violence against Palestinian women. They also try to silence anyone who sympathizes with the Palestinian cause.

If someone, especially a well-known person, supports Palestine and mentions the suffering of Palestinians under Israeli rule, they get questioned a lot. They might be asked if they support Hamas or if they condemn attacks on Israeli civilians.

Some people feel pressured to change their views, while others refuse to engage or try to challenge the assumptions of those questioning them. But they often face abuse and insults, including labels like “anti-Semite,” “rape apologist,” and “not a true feminist” from supporters of Israel.

So, the question here is whether this kind of feminism is really feminism. It seems to apply only to certain Western women, and it’s hard to digest. While they condemn violence against Israeli women, they remain silent about Palestinian women’s suffering and try to silence others who speak up for them.

Right now, women and children in Gaza are not only enduring heavy attacks but are also suffering due to Israel’s blockade. Isn’t this a crime against women that deserves attention and condemnation? Supporting or excusing the actions of a powerful state against a helpless people in this situation doesn’t seem in line with feminism.

If Western feminism doesn’t speak out for a people who have faced oppression and occupation for many years, then what’s its purpose? Are Palestinian women somehow not worthy of feminist support?

If Western feminists endorse Israel’s right to “defend itself” at any cost, they’re indirectly supporting violence against women and children, the very group they claim to champion. By ignoring the Palestinian people’s plight and labeling supporters of their struggle as “anti-Semitic” and “anti-feminist,” they’re saying that not all lives and women are equally important.

The message to women enduring Israeli attacks is clear: you don’t matter.

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