Uncertainty surrounds Gaza hospital blast; what we know and don’t know

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A big explosion happened at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, and it caused a lot of problems. The United States and Israel had different ideas about what caused it. Israel said a misfire by a group called Islamic Jihad caused the blast, but the US said it was not Israel’s fault.

Many people, including children, got hurt in the explosion. The Palestinian officials and some Arab leaders said Israel hit the hospital with its airstrikes, but Islamic Jihad, a rival of another group called Hamas, said they didn’t do it.

The US government thinks Israel didn’t do it, and they say it might have been a mistake from a rocket launched by Islamic Jihad. There is no clear evidence yet.

Some countries are very upset about the hospital explosion and want a careful investigation to find out what really happened. There have been protests in many places against Israel because of this incident.

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