The Abu Dhabi City Municipality Calls Upon Construction Companies to Prioritize Safety Measures

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The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has issued an appeal to construction and demolition companies, as well as site workers, stressing the critical importance of adhering to safety measures and precautions during construction and demolition activities. This initiative is driven by the municipality’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of pedestrians and neighbouring properties, with a primary focus on enhancing community safety.

The call to action comes on the heels of an extensive series of field campaigns conducted by the municipality across various sub-centres, including the City Municipality Centre, Madinat Zayed Municipality Centre, Al Wathba Municipality Centre, Shahama Municipality Centre, Musaffah Municipality Centre, and Municipal Presence Centre – Baniyas. These campaigns aimed to educate and raise awareness among workers at construction and demolition sites regarding the paramount importance of adhering to all safety standards and requirements throughout their operations.

The municipality has also taken steps to inform violators, property owners, and contractors about their legal obligations and the imperative need to implement security precautions, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and adjacent structures during their work.

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