Sumo and Wushu Finals Shine at World Combat Games in Riyadh Day 3

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Japan and Ukraine had a successful day at the World Combat Games in Riyadh, with Hayato Miwa winning the men’s open weight sumo title by defeating Oleksandr Veresiuk of Ukraine, and Svitlana Iaromka securing the women’s open weight sumo title by beating Viktoriia Tsaruk in an all-Ukrainian matchup.

In the men’s sumo competition, Japan and Ukraine also claimed bronze medals through Taisei Matsuzono and Vazha Daiauri. In the women’s sumo competition, both nations earned bronze medals as well, with Ivanna Berezovska of Ukraine defeating her compatriot Tsaruk, and Airi Hisano representing Japan and besting Wioleta Paulina of Poland.

In the Wushu competition, China stood out with four gold medals. Li Yueyao won in the women’s 52kg category, Wu Xiaowei triumphed in the 60kg category, and Iranian Mansouriyan Shahrbano secured a gold medal in the 70kg category for women. On the men’s side, Li Zhaoyang won the 70kg category, Jiang Haidong claimed victory in the 56kg contest, and Moshen El-Sifeldin and Boujekka Saad from Egypt and Morocco respectively stood atop the podium in the 65kg and 75kg categories.

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