Saudi Arabia and Microsoft for Corporate Digital Transformation

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Microsoft for Corporate Digital Transformation Innovation

STE Group, a leading player in digital transformation, has announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with Microsoft to further advance digitalization and foster innovation in Saudi Arabia. The partnership will involve the joint development and deployment of advanced solutions aimed at transforming and empowering organizations in various industries. Additionally, the collaboration will support the growth and development of small businesses within the digital economy.

STE Group CEO Olayan Alwetaid emphasized the significance of this strategic partnership, highlighting the potential for Saudi Arabia to lead global innovation in the digital age. The partnership with Microsoft aims to facilitate the adoption of digital transformation across businesses of all sizes, promote economic diversification, and contribute to a vibrant and prosperous future for the country.

High-Quality, secure digital experiences for businesses in Saudi Arabia:

The collaboration will enable STE’s subsidiaries to explore new markets, create disruptive business models, and introduce innovative products and services. By jointly developing and deploying advanced technologies, the partnership seeks to ensure high-quality, secure digital experiences for businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, this alliance will act as an innovation hub, playing a pivotal role in transforming industries not only in the Kingdom but also on a global scale. The partnership will bring together STE Group’s local and regional channels with Microsoft’s partner and developer ecosystem, fostering the deployment of new essential services and generating demand through partner-led innovation. In addition, the partnership will focus on skills development and digitalizing segments of the population that have not yet adopted digital solutions, aiming to make innovation inclusive and sustainable.

President of Microsoft EMEA, expressed enthusiasm for this next phase of collaboration with STE. He emphasized Microsoft’s commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes and industries with tailored digital solutions that facilitate innovation and address unique challenges for equitable business growth.

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