Saudi Tourism Awaits Legislative Environment Enhancements’ Results

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The tourism sector in Saudi Arabia is poised to benefit from a newly established legislative framework. Princess Haifa bint Mohammed Al Saud, the Deputy Tourism Minister, has highlighted the positive impact of these legislative advancements, anticipating increased investments in the Kingdom’s tourism sector, both domestically and from abroad.

Princess Haifa noted that the sector has experienced significant growth in recent years. The Saudi Ministry of Tourism introduced a list of experimental activities aimed at fostering innovation and sector growth. These efforts align with the broader goal of improving the legislative environment to support the development of the tourism sector, as outlined in Saudi Arabia’s National Tourism Strategy launched in 2019.

During the Saudi Law Conference, Princess Haifa explained that the Ministry of Tourism has proactively worked on enhancing the legislative framework for the sector. The ministry has adopted a tourism system that adheres to global best practices in tourism legislation and has implemented accompanying executive regulations.

These legislative changes have played a substantial role in the remarkable growth of the tourism sector, leading to the Kingdom’s improved international tourism revenue index and its prominent position in the growth rate of international tourists.

Princess Haifa emphasized that the core principle underpinning the system is the protection of the rights of tourists, investors, and industry workers. She also stressed the importance of building partnerships with legal stakeholders and professionals.

Through the tourism system, the ministry aims to equip itself with the authority and tools necessary to create a competitive, equitable, and appealing investment environment in the tourism sector.

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