RO 35M Government Treasury Bill Tender Results This Week

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The government recently issued Treasury Bills worth 35 million Omani Rials. These bills have a 91-day maturity period, which means they’ll be paid back in 91 days. The banks bought them at an average price of 98.682 Omani Rials for every 100 Omani Rials, with the lowest price accepted being 98.675 Omani Rials for 100 Omani Rials. This translates to an average discount rate of 5.28591% and an average yield of 5.35650%.

Treasury Bills are like safe, short-term IOUs issued by the government. They’re a way for banks to invest their extra money. The Central Bank of Oman manages this process and also offers quick access to cash through discounting and repurchase facilities.

If a bank needs quick cash, they can get it from the Central Bank at an interest rate of 6.00%. When they invest in Treasury Bills, they earn an interest rate of 6.50%.

Additionally, Treasury Bills help establish a standard interest rate for short-term loans in the local financial market. The government can also use them to cover its day-to-day expenses when needed.

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