Red Sea Global: Saudi Arabia’s Largest Off-Grid EV Charging Network

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Red Sea Global (RSG), the developer of regenerative tourism destinations Amaala and The Red Sea, has announced the installation of the largest off-grid electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Saudi Arabia. This network consists of over 150 charging stations distributed across phase one of The Red Sea destination area. These stations will help keep RSG’s initial fleet of 80 electric vehicles charged and on the road.

The luxury electric vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz EQS and Lucid Air, will be exclusively available for guest transport during their stay at The Red Sea. These vehicles can be booked in advance or on-demand, offering guests a stylish and comfortable means of transportation. The infrastructure to service, maintain, and operate this electric fleet has also been established, creating 1,500 new jobs, including chauffeurs, hub managers, skilled technicians, and EV charging specialists.

The Red Sea aims to become the world’s largest destination to run entirely on renewable energy, with solar farms comprising 760,000 photovoltaic panels powering phase one, including the EV fleet and charging network.

RSG’s commitment to sustainable transportation extends to plans for carbon-neutral electric buses, e-bikes, vans, trucks, yachts, ferries, boats, maintenance vehicles, airside vehicles, and off-road leisure vehicles at The Red Sea.

The Red Sea is set to welcome its first guests in 2023, with the international airport now operational and the first two hotels accepting bookings. Upon full completion in 2030, it will offer 50 resorts, 8,000 hotel rooms, over 1,000 residential properties, luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment, dining, leisure facilities, and more.

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