Porsche founded his engineering office in 1931

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Ferdinand Porsche founded his engineering office in 1931. Working until his death in 1951, the exceptionally creative technician, formerly a designer of electric cars and racing cars and the chief developer at Daimler-Benz, laid the foundations for the global company that would later bear the same name. Today, in September 2017, the founding, philosophy and development of Porsche’s predecessor company has been documented in great detail in the book “Porsche: Vom Konstruktionsbüro zur Weltmarke” (“Porsche: From Engineering office to Global Brand”) from publisher Siedler Verlag. The renowned historian Wolfram Pyta tells the story of Porsche GmbH/KG in its turbulent early years: from the origins of the Volkswagen to the transition to a wartime economy under National Socialism and the development of battle tanks, right up to the establishment of the automotive brand carrying the Porsche name. The book outlines the direction in which the creative dynamics of Porsche’s founding years under National Socialism led the company, why the company had to undergo a fresh start after the war without its founder and how the global company ultimately emerged from the engineering office of old.

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