London Design Award Goes to ‘From the Thames to Eternity’ Project by Transport and Public Realm Team

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We are delighted to announce that our Transport and Public Realm team’s innovative project, ‘From the Thames to Eternity,’ has been honored at the London Design Awards.

This exceptional project is created from granite stones salvaged from the Victoria Embankment and has been strategically placed at seven different locations throughout the City of London. The primary objective of this project is to celebrate the pivotal role of stone in the City’s establishment and to foster discussions on the reuse of materials and the circular economy in the construction industry.

Stretching from the banks of the Thames to Peter’s Hill, leading to St. Paul’s and Smithfield Market, this project features 58 granite stones, each weighing approximately one ton. These stones have been configured to serve multiple purposes, including wayfinding, providing spaces for rest and gatherings, and offering areas for reflection on their historical significance.

Moreover, this project is aligned with the Climate Action Strategy and Destination City goals, aimed at making the City more welcoming. Every aspect of this project has been meticulously planned to minimize the carbon footprint, with elements such as the oak information board and plastic pads used to support the stones sourced from recycled materials.

In recognition of its excellence, the project was awarded the London Design award in the Landscape Design – Cultural Heritage Design category in October. This accomplishment reflects our commitment to innovative and sustainable urban development that enhances the living experience in our city.

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